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Our admirable quality of the RO Plant System purifies the water by removing salts and ions and has become quite well-liked in many apartment societies. Our advanced plant for the apartments and buildings completely removes the major parts of the TDS i.e. total dissolved solids which is harmful for the human health so, we are sincerely engaged to remove the all types of hazardous elements through our RO plants and to provide the totally clean and safe water to the peoples are residing at the apartments and buildings. Due to the increased amount of minerals found in water, various groups of housing societies in many cities have come up with the domestic water purification systems which have led to the demand of Industrial RO systems at many places. We have an RO system with storage facility and auto power cut facility of plants by keeping mind ab0out the requirements of the apartments and buildings. The RO machines are produced in different types and the basic types of reverse osmosis systems lies on the number and kinds of membranes or filters used in an apartment society. It has an activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals and chlorine. This will eventually attack and degrade the TFC reverse osmosis membranes.

There is an optional second carbon filter to capture the chemicals which are not removed by the RO membrane. Our RO machine can be easily fit or connected to the water supply point in an apartment society in a spacious place. This technique of Reverse Osmosis has one of the highest contaminant rejection rates of any water filtering system.



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