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Shree Aditya is an Indian manufacturer and supplier of automatic water softeners, having its main factory in Ahmedabad. Automatic water softeners are tools for removing calcium and magnesium ions, which are the main hard minerals, from water. Hard water problems include the buildup of lime scale in pipes, devices, and fixtures, reduced soap and detergent efficiency, and negative effects on the functioning of plumbing systems.

The exchange of ions is a method that is used by automatic water softeners. to soften the water. Such systems often include an elemental tank containing beads made of resin that are created especially to draw calcium and magnesium ions from the water and remove them. The beads of resin attract hardness minerals that are eliminated by sodium ions as the hardness minerals travel through the mineral tank with the water that is hard.

Benefits of automatic water softeners

  • Reduced limescale: Limescale buildup can reduce the useful life of water equipment, devices, and materials. Softened water assists in preventing this.
  • Improved efficiency: Soft water makes detergents, soaps, and cleaners spread better, needing less of each for carrying out various tasks at home.
  • Longer-lasting plumbing: Soft water improves the efficiency and duration of pipes, heaters for water, and other infrastructure components by reducing the buildup of limescale.
  • Brighter and softer laundry: Since soft water assists in better soap residue elimination after washing, it can make clothes feel softer, cleaner, and bright.
  • Energy savings: Softened water may improve the efficiency of water heating systems and lower energy use, this might result in savings in the long run.

Features of Automatic Water Softeners

  • Control Valve
  • Resin Tank
  • Brine Tank
  • Regeneration Cycle
  • Water Flow Sensor
  • Timer or Metered Control
  • Digital Display and Controls
  • Bypass Valve
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Types of Automatic Water Softeners

  • Salt-Based Ion Exchange Water Softener
  • Salt-Free Water Conditioner
  • Dual-Tank Water Softener
  • Time-Controlled Water Softener
  • Demand-Controlled or Metered Water Softener
  • High-Efficiency Water Softener

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