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Automatic Package Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers

We are a fully automatic package drinking water plant manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad, India. A complicated structure created to create and packaging safe, clean, and clean drinking water is known as an automated package drinking water plant. This kind of facility makes use of cutting-edge technology and procedures to ensure that the highest quality demands are satisfied at each step of production. A water treatment system that removes pollutants and contaminants from the source water is the first step in the plant's construction. Activities including filtration, carbon dioxide absorption, reverse osmosis, and disinfecting may fall under this category. These procedures successfully remove dangerous elements including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and sediments to produce clean, drinking water.

After being processed, the water goes through a number of automated packaging processes. A filling machine, which precisely determines and administers the necessary quantity of water into specific bottles or boxes, is often part of the facility. Cameras and timers regulate the process of filling to maintain a constant amount and save waste. The bottles are automatically sealed with caps or openings after the filling step. A capping device is commonly used for this, strongly capping each bottle to preserve the beverage's freshness and prevent pollution. The capping machine can handle an enormous amount of bottles at a time and ensures a tight closure.

The loaded and sealed containers then go to the labelling and coding station on a conveyor belt. In this case, labels are placed on the bottles to provide important information such the brand name, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, and the number of the batch. In addition, barcode or QR codes can be imprinted for quality assurance and tracking.

The automatic package drinking water factory has multiple quality control and monitoring systems in place for every phase of the operation. To guarantee that the produced water complies with the necessary demands, sensors, metres, and probes constantly monitor variables including water flow, temperature, pressure, and purity levels.

Features of Automatic Package Drinking Water Plant

  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
  • UV Sterilization
  • Ozonation
  • Filtration System
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Packaging and Bottling
  • Quality Testing
  • Monitoring and Alarms
  • Energy and Water Efficiency

Types of Automatic Package Drinking Water Plant

  • Bottled Water Plant
  • Jar Water Plant
  • Pouch Water Plant
  • Cup Water Plant
  • Mineral Water Plant
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Plant
  • UV Water Treatment Plant

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